On Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018, CMHA Kenora Branch will join international mental health organizations to celebrate World Mental Health Day.

World Mental Health Day is supported by the World Health Organization as an important way to raise awareness and advocate for better care for those with mental health issues worldwide. The theme this year is Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World, in recognition of the risks and challenges faced by young people in today’s world and the need to begin the conversation around how we can better help protect their health. 

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Ask an Improvement Leader

Improvement Leader:
Sara Dias
B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W., R.S.W.
Executive Director
Canadian Mental Health Association, Kenora Branch 

We asked Sara Dias, Executive Director of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Kenora Branch about how she embeds quality improvement in the culture of the organization.

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The first week of October brings with it the reminder that millions of Canadians live with mental illnesses every day.

Oct 1-7 is Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW), an annual national public education campaign coordinated by the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH). CAMIMH's mandate is to ensure that mental illness and mental health are placed on the national agenda so that Canadians receive appropriate access to care and support. CMHA is an active member of CAMIMH and is proud to support its annual Faces of Mental Illness campaign during MIAW.

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Canadian Mental Health Association – Kenora Branch calls for new legislation to bring mental health into balance with physical health.

Kenora (Ontario) September 17, 2018 – Over half of Canadians (53%) consider anxiety and depression to be ‘epidemic’ in Canada, with that perception spiking amongst younger people, according to a new survey commissioned by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). Fifty-nine per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds consider anxiety and depression to be ‘epidemic’ in Canada, followed closely by addiction (56%) and ahead of physical illnesses such as cancer (50%), heart disease and stroke (34%), diabetes (31%) and HIV/AIDS (13%). The survey accompanies a national CMHA policy paper, Mental Health in the Balance: Ending the Health Care Disparity in Canada, released today, which calls for new legislation to address unmet mental health needs and bring mental health care into balance with physical health care.

Eighty-five per cent of Canadians say mental health services are among the most underfunded services in our health-care system—and the majority agree (86%) that the Government of Canada should fund mental health at the same level as physical health.

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Creating Safer Spaces for LGBTQ2S+ Emerging Adults in Health Care

Event Format

The event model operates on the principle that everyone in the room has important knowledge to share. We depart from traditional conference style formats and have instead created a highly participatory design that offers all participants the opportunity to present their ideas or programs, direct the agenda for the day, and host conversations that are meaningful to them.

A number of short, engaging presentations will kick-off the forum, with pre-selected presenters speaking to the forum theme and helping to set the tone for discussions to follow. 

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he CMHA joins the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) in inviting all individuals and communities to find a way to recognize and support World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) on September 10th. It can be as simple as sending a message to those who are in despair, those who are grieving, and those who are supporting someone who is struggling with life’s challenges. By spreading the word that help, hope and healing are possible, we can work together to prevent suicide.

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