Collège Boréal and CMHA Ontario team up in support of mental health

Interested in pursuing French-language post-secondary studies in Ontario? Well, there’s even more reason to apply to Collège Boréal for next school year.

The college has partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Ontario Division to launch a unique fundraising initiative that reminds students about the importance of positive mental health on campus and throughout the province.

Collège Boréal is donating $5 of every application fee it receives to CMHA Ontario in support of community-based mental health and addictions services.

The funds will support CMHA Ontario’s campus program, the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health, which aims to help colleges and universities in the province enhance capacity to support student mental health and well-being. Maintaining positive mental health on any campus is a focus for post-secondary institutions. At Collège Boréal, the spotlight on mental health is especially great given the high concentration of international students or students from northern Ontario who may for the first time be living and studying thousands of kilometres away from family, friends and familiar culture.

The message Collège Boréal hopes to convey through this campaign: “Your choice makes a difference for your future and someone else.”

Because of its unique culture and composition of its student body, the college has always paid special attention to developing policies and programs that support its students.

The college has several mental health supports for students, including:
• Guidance to navigate in the system to find appropriate support
• Financial support for therapy
• Specific staff training in mental health
• Awareness projects such as seminars and workshops

Visit to learn more about Collège Boréal and for information on how to apply.

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