CMHA recognizes International Self-Care Day 2020

CMHA Kenora Branch joins individuals and organizations around the globe in celebrating International Self-Care Day on July 24, which aims to raise public awareness of the importance of self-care to stay healthy and prevent or delay illness.

Mental well-being is recognized as a pillar of self-care. Prioritizing self-care can increase resiliency, which can be helpful when faced with problems, stress, and other difficult situations.

Many mental health programs provide strategies to improve resiliency skills like problem-solving, assertiveness, balancing obligations and expectations, and developing support networks. <<INSERT PARAGRAPH ON YOUR BRANCH’S RELEVANT P

CMHA Ontario also offers BounceBack®, a free skill-building program that’s effective in helping people aged 15 and up who are experiencing mild-to-moderate anxiety or depression, or may be feeling low, stressed, worried, irritable or angry. This self-guided program offers telephone coaching, online videos and workbooks which you can do from the comfort of your home. Workbooks and coaching are available in multiple languages.

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For more on International Self-Care Day and the seven pillars of self-care, visit the event website.

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