Kick the Winter Blues Campaign- January 2021

It’s here…winter. Winters in Canada are tough, winters in Kenora can be even worse. Its dark longer and later, the temperatures are dropping and many times your mood is on the decline as well. It is important to note that you are not the only one.

The winter blues are a wave of low emotions that come with these cold, dark days.

If you’re experiencing the winter blues, you might feel it difficult to wake up, find that you are treating yourself more often in comfort foods, and spend more time with Netflix than with your friends and family.

That is why the CMHA Kenora branch and Q104 wants to help you make the winter a little easier on yourself this year. For the month of January we are teaming up with four local businesses (Abundance, Hardwear Company, Lake of the Woods Sunrise Soap Company and Sweet) to get the word out about the winter blues by challenging community members with weekly activities to combat their lowered mood. For each week in January there is a designated activity we are challenging you to complete on your own or with someone close to you (COVID in mind of course). Take a picture and share with us to be entered in a draw to win a gift card from one of the amazing local businesses in Kenora. Draws will be held on Mondays for the week before.

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January Weekly activities:

Week of 3-9- Enjoy time spent doing your favorite outdoor activity:

Whether you want to take the sled out for a ride, enjoying your day catching fish on the lake, building a snowman or just a plain ole’ walk. It is important to get outside and soak in some sunlight while you can!            

Week of 10-16- Try something new:

It is easy to spend hours curled up on the couch binge watching your favourite show but we are challenging you to try something you have never done before. Maybe you have always wanted to learn to knit or have been wanting to try out a new recipe… there’s no better time than now!

Week of 17-23- Take a walk at one of the city’s trails:

There is something to be said about being in nature listening to the wind blow through the trees and the winter song birds chirp their melodies. There is no better place to do so than at Kenora’s Urban Trails. Take your four legged friends, your two legged friends or go solo.  Link to trails:

Week of 24-30- Make a colorful meal:

We know ordering in pizza is just oh so easy but take time this week to plan out a meal with lots of bright colours. We promise you will feel great in more ways than one!

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