Spook the Shadows Away Pumpkin Carving Contest

To promote mental health this Halloween season, CMHA Kenora is hosting a pumpkin carving contest on social media. See *the posters below* for contest rules and for a poem you can follow along with to add some mindfulness to the creation process and maybe combat some of the things that have been overshadowing your thoughts lately.

Let’s spook those shadows away!

Deadline to submit is October 31st at midnight.

Mugs for Mental Health Fundraiser

With the decrease in COVID-19 in the country and the hopes of returning to some sort of normalcy, there has been an increase of anxiety and stress for employees and employers when planning to return to the workplace. Many employers are now putting a greater focus on mental health awareness and training for staff. With this in mind, and with mental illness awareness week commencing at the beginning of October, the CMHA Kenora is running the Mugs for Mental Health Campaign. For the month of October, Compassion Fatigue Training will be offered at a discounted price, with free mugs available for all attendees.

Compassion Fatigue is the product of burnout and vicarious traumatization; it is a consequence of stress resulting from caring for and helping others who have suffered, which is very common in helping professions. It is a gradual erosion over time of all the things that keep us connected to others in our role such as our empathy, our hope, and our compassion- not only for others but for ourselves as well. The Compassion Fatigue workshop run by the CMHA Kenora helps professionals understand, cope, and build skills to work through the strains that come with the profession. It explores areas such as mindfulness, personal boundaries, knowing the warning signs, work-life balance and more.

With this campaign, workplaces will get a full day session of Compassion Fatigue Training for 10 people minimum. Normally a full day of Compassion Fatigue Training is $160 per person but we’re offering it for $140. That means each participant is $20 off and gets to take home a free CMHA Kenora mug. All funds raised stay within the CMHA Kenora Branch to ensure the continuation of mental health services in the district.

The training can be offered virtually or in-person; however, any additional expenses for catering or travel outside of Kenora will not be covered. Exceptions to the 10-person minimum may apply as availability allows.

For more information on this campaign or to sign up your organization for Compassion Fatigue Training contact Jenna Camire, Fundraising and Prevention Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are not interested in the Compassion Fatigue Training but love the mugs and want to support the CMHA Kenora, you can purchase individual mugs here on our website for $15 each.

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