Our Mission:

We are dedicated to providing responsive recovery-oriented mental health services through treatment, rehabilitation, support and the involvement of consumers, family members and stakeholders in a community based setting.

Our Vision:

Mentally healthy people living with dignity in a caring and inclusive society.

Our Values:

We value a collaborative model through:

  1. Fiscal Responsibility Financial accountability is an essential component of our corporate duty to consumers, funding bodies, and the community as a whole. We will undertake all appropriate measures to ensure that the agency is operated in a fiscally responsible manner.
  2. Innovation We recognize that change is constant, and we will take a leadership role in meeting this challenge by demonstrating openness to change, flexibility, and creative approaches.
  3. Safety Every individual has the right to give and receive services in an emotionally, physically and culturally safe environment. We will ensure that the safety of clients, staff and volunteers is an essential component of our service delivery and operations.
  4. Holistic Approach The well-being of each person is best served when they are regarded and treated as whole beings. We will acknowledge the physical, sexual, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural characteristics and preferences of every individual.
  5. Empowerment All people have the opportunity to develop and recognize their self-worth. We will encourage personal development through self-expression, decision making, knowledge and respect.
  6. Environmental Responsibility We will recognize that protection of the earth’s resources is critical and we strive to fulfill our mandate in a responsible manner.
  7. Evidence–Informed Decision Making Decisions are based on information from consumers, family and professional best practices which will occur through measurement and evaluation.